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Riding on a Light Beam At the beginning of the twentieth century the world of physics was upended through another series of thought experiments . In 1879 a boy was born to a German engineer and a housewife . He didn’t start to talk until the age of three and was reported to have [...]

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신피질 기능의 열쇠

Learning This learning process begins even before we are born, occurring simultaneously with the biological process of actually growing a brain. A fetus already has a brain at one month, although it is essentially a reptile brain, as the fetus actually goes through a high-speed re-creation of biological evolution in the womb. The natal [...]

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나를 표현하는 글쓰기

Not Writing a Book Can Be More Difficult than Writing It There is no question that being an author offers one of the few opportunities to make a great deal of money in a short period of time. There are far greater payoffs, however---adventure, personal satisfaction, and acknowledgment from readers. Most accomplished writers profess [...]

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숨만 쉰다고 살아있는 것인가?

You May Be Living, but Are You Alive? Indeed, researchers claim that about 90 percent of North Americans today choose passive activities over active one. This group spends ten times more time at home in activities such as watching television than outside the home pursuing more active leisure activities. Moreover, when people make it [...]

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네가 원하는 게 뭐야?

Do You Want What You Think You Want? A research study conducted in 2001 by Florida's Nova Southeastern University observed "successful" Wall Street stockbrokers who were, in fact, not all that successful. These individuals, all men between the ages of twenty-two and thirty-two, worked an average of ten to twelve hours a day. Sure, [...]

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프로테스탄트 노동윤리는 누구를 위한 것인가?

Alas, the Protestant Work Ethic Ruined a Good Thing The work ethic is not a traditional value. Work hasn't always been held in the high regard that it is today. Many of our ancestors, in fact, would have rejected the Protestant work ethic outright, considering what it signifies. Indeed, some of the best-known ancient [...]

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